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We are Your Tucson Law Firm

We focus on representing people who have been injured (personally or financially) or arrested. If either occurs to you, we may be able to help. 

The world changes rapidly and so do your problems and legal needs. Despite rapid advances in technology, most lawyers have not changed with the times. The overhead and antiquated practices required to maintain the way those lawyers do business forces them to charge unaffordable rates (if your case is big enough for them to take) or turn you away (if they deem your case too small). Most do not accept credit or debit cards and almost all lawyers require you to come to them.   

Marchetti Law is a technology-based and technology-driven modern law firm. Our experience and modern approach to solving your legal issues allows us to provide quality legal services at affordable rates (and we accept credit/debit cards). We will also come to you.  

If another lawyer has turned you down, contact us for a free consultation. Our attorneys handle a wide-variety of cases across Arizona, including:

We will provide a free, detailed consultation and a candid assessment of your issues.  If our firm cannot help you, we will work with or recommend someone who may be able to.