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Despite what you may have seen on TV, heard on the radio or read on the internet, litigation is not on the rise and we are not experiencing an increase in frivolous lawsuits.  

In reality, most lawsuits involve real people with real problems who want to settle a dispute they cannot resolve themselves. That dispute may flow from a car accident, a business deal or issues involving money or other assets. Each lawsuit is a puzzle with its own unique set of facts and challenges. 

We know from experience that resolving disputes through our legal system can be a time-consuming and expensive process. Alternatives do exist, however, to taking a lawsuit through trial which involves a potential appeal.  

Mediation is one such alternative which is frequently used. In a mediation, the parties sit in separate rooms and a neutral and objective third party mediator goes between the rooms and communicates the parties' respective positions.  Typically, a single lawyer serves as the mediator.  Those mediators are often retired judges or attorneys who no longer practice and focus solely on mediations.  

We offer a unique "two mediator" approach to solve your dispute. 

Attorneys Brian Marchetti and Sue Ann Welch serve as co-mediators and bring their unique perspectives  to assist in resolving your case.   

Brian Marchetti is an active lawyer who, by virtue of  handling a high volume of cases, is in tune with the current state of the law and the value and trends in litigation. Sue Ann Welch has been a lawyer for almost thirty years. During that time she has represented all types of parties in a variety of  civil lawsuits.  

By combining their past and present experiences (and the unique perspective with which men and women approach and relate to disputes), Brian and Sue Ann may provide the resources necessary to resolve your dispute. 

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