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On the first day of law school, most students learn that every contract is a promise but not every promise is a contract.  

Unfortunately, in the real world, promises are broken and contracts are breached.  

Some lawyers, called transactional attorneys,  assist you in arranging a business deal or drafting and creating a contract which may be a sales agreement or take the form of an operating agreement, a shareholder or partnership agreement or a variety of documents relating to the purchase, sale or development of real property (including plats and condominium agreements).  

If  there is a dispute regarding your contract, you need a lawyer who understands our civil litigation system which has its own unique rules, practices and procedures. 
If you believe your rights under a contract are being violated, we have the experience to provide a candid assessment of your case and, if need be, enforce your rights.   

If you need help understanding a contract, insurance policy or other legal document, contact us for a free consultation.