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Your Tucson Equine and Horse Lawyers

Tucson and Southern Arizona are horse country and the horse industry is a business like no other. 

Equine-related disputes call for lawyers who combine experience in handling business law, insurance law, and complex commercial matters with a working knowledge of the horse industry. From experience, we know horse-related disputes often involve:

  • Purchase/Sale Agreements

  • Installment Sales Agreements

  • Bills of Sale

  • Partnerships/Corporations

  • Agency Agreement and Management Authority

  • Terms of Payment

  • Commission Arrangements

  • Earnings Splits

  • Employment Contracts

  • Owner/Rider Agreements

  • Transportation Agreements/Waivers


We have the legal experience and access to a variety of equine-related experts in Tucson or across the nation to provide you with a full range of equine-related legal representation. We are available to litigate most equine-related transactions and assist you in resolving disputes of any kind.

Contact us for our free and convenient consultation. It is always free to talk and we will provide you with a detailed analysis of your case.