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Insurance companies across Tucson and Southern Arizona gladly accept your monthly premium payments. Whether you have life, home, auto or disability insurance, your insurer will promptly cash your check.

If you are lucky enough to avoid making a claim, the only interaction you have with your insurance company is the occasional rate increase. If an accident or unfortunate event requires you to make a claim, that same insurance company may attempt to confuse you, inundate you with paperwork or make you feel like you have done something wrong by making a claim. It is unlikely they will act promptly to write you a check.  

For example, if your car is stolen or destroyed by arson or your house is broken into, your claim may end up in a Special Investigation Unit where the adjusters will likely treat your claim like a criminal investigation.  

Although your insurance company has an obligation to treat you fairly and look for a reason to pay your claim, you may feel like they are doing everything in their power to delay or deny paying the claim and deprive you of the benefit of having insurance in the first place.  

We know from first-hand experience that some insurance companies refuse payment on legitimate claims or intentionally make low or unreasonable settlement offers to try and save money. In either case you need a lawyer who is willing to challenge that insurance company, take on the adjusters and fight to get you the insurance you paid for.  


We have helped numerous individuals and businesses in Tucson and across Southern Arizona successfully challenge insurance companies that delaydeny or try to underpay legitimate claims. 

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