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Arizona is somewhat unique in that our state law allows one person to pay another person's delinquent real property tax bill on a residential property or even a commercial property such as a office park or retail store.    

To collect revenue from unpaid property taxes, county treasurers sell the government's claim to the debt and the lien securing it. For properties in Tucson and throughout Pima County that sale occurs during the winter of each year. At that sale, a purchaser has the opportunity to bid and attempt to buy a "Certificate of Purchase" which documents the sale of the tax lien.  

If the delinquent property taxes have not been paid by the owner of the property three years after the date the lien is sold, the purchaser may initiate a lawsuit to foreclose the right of the property owner to pay the delinquent taxes and get title to the property. That process requires filing a lawsuit in the Superior Court and complying with a number of statutes.  


If you purchased a delinquent tax lien from a county treasurer at least three years ago and are ready to foreclose the right of the property owner(s) to pay the delinquent taxes and keep their property, we can help. We have handled hundreds of lawsuits for tax lien purchasers in Pima County and are available to represent you.  

If you wish to foreclose on a tax lien you own, contact us for a free consultation.